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Students head back to school

Class is back in session at Meridian Public Schools. Nearly six thousand kids filed back into the hallways after a hot, 2-month summer vacation.

“Here at Meridian High School it’s been an awesome first day. The kids have come in already knowing our expectations,” said Principal Victor Hubbard.

Yesterday was all about greetings and introductions, going over the syllabus, and laying out the classroom rules.

“We always have new expectations for our students. One of those expectations is to graduate, but graduate with opportunities,” said Hubbard.

He explained that the plan is to create a safe and fun learning environment that prepares students for state tests and for college.

“The advice that I would give to my students is never give up. Never except no from someone that has the power to give you a yes. Never listen to those that give you the mindset that you cannot achieve. If you are breathing, have the activity of your limbs, and a sound mind, you can be successful.”

School leaders are encouraging parents to participate in their child’s education this year and to continue the learning process at home.

“It’s imperative that parents are aware and involved because of the changes that are coming by the state of Mississippi as it pertains to new courses and the new graduation option,” said Hubbard.

Parents are also asked to keep in mind the new early release schedule on Wednesdays.

Lauderdale county schools started back on Friday. School zones are in effect, and police will be out in full force during the week to make sure those school zones and bus stops are safe.

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