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An evening of faith-based fun

A local ministry is bringing churches and youth together, for an amazing outdoor event.

“This Friday, August 11th, at 5:30, downtown Meridian, on city hall lawn, we are going to have a strength team come in,” says youth minister Mike Rice.

That team is known as the Power Team. Which is composed of a group of former pro athletes, that share Christian faith, by doing extraordinary things.

“They are going to be breaking bricks, they are going to be breaking wood, they are going to be bending metal with their teeth.”

The community if invited to come out for an evening of fun games and fellowship.

We are going to have my savior story, it’s an awesome band out here playing music. We are going to have a dunking booth, we are going to have some free food and a lot of giveaways. And we are going to do a gospel message, right here on city lawn.”

The event is hosted by Unite, which is a unified group of churches and pastors, who look to spread a positive message.

“We are getting together. It’ doesn’t’ matter what denomination you are, what race or anything like that. And we are bringing people in, kind of like a youth rally. Every month, once a month. So, we don’t have to drive to Jackson or something like that. We can reach kids in Meridian, the inner city, that might not be able to get to these larger cities.”

He goes on to say that it’s a free outdoor event, that’s open to everyone.

“We want all the churches to come and help out but, anybody that wants to. And I just want to get everybody involved. We got the whole city hall lawn out here and we want to fill it up.”

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