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Lauderdale County considers cutting ties with city in providing E911 services

The county says its lacking money to run the operation, especially with upgrades to the computer aided dispatch software. Lauderdale County Board Supervisor Wayman Newell said the city and county have an agreement in place to cover costs. But he said, so far, the city is refusing to pay their share.

“The county and the city are supposed to share the costs. Right now, the word is ‘it’s not in our budget,’ but we got to find a wat to do it. E911 in my opinion is the most important part of responding to a need.”

During yesterday’s budget work session, the Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors discussed the possibility of having the city operate its own emergency 911 services. The board says currently 70 percent of all 911 calls to the county dispatch come from the city. If the city ultimately decides not the help the county in paying for E911 services, the board says it will make the decision to cut ties.

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