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Mosquito Joe's ribbon cutting in Meridian

The EMBDC held a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning, for a new mosquito company, in Meridian.

“We are a mosquito control business, we’ve opened here in Meridian. And we are here to provide control services for mosquito's,” says co founder Robert Knight.

When you call Mosquito Joes, a technician will come out and spray around the perimeter, making sure to pay attention to all green leafy areas. Once he is done, you will see a significant decrease of mosquito's and flying insects.

“Mosquitos are prevalent in the south everywhere, especially in Mississippi. With all the rain that we’ve been having, the mild winters that we’ve been having, mosquitos are very prevalent. And we want to help people fight the mosquito problem, and make outside fun again.”

Mosquito Joes aims to eliminate flying insects in and around your property. And for best results, the area should be sprayed every 21 days.

“Well, what we do is protect you from that mosquito possibly that may bite you that could have that virus. Well, controlling the virus itself, that’s nothing we can do. That’s kind of our of our hands and out of our reach. We can just keep the mosquitos away from your neighborhood, your area, your yard basically, with a mosquito protection spray.

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