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Sumter County residents came out today to voice their opinion, on a one percent tax increase.

“There is a special election call for us senate, and we also have a special tax referendum on the ballot, for a hospital. And we are hoping and praying that this tax passes so we can maintain healthcare here in Sumter County,” says County Commissioner Tommie Armistead.

The York voting poll was inside the Sumter County Rescue Squad building, and a large amount of voters came out, to mark their ballots.

“Our hospital here in York is struggling. We are looking to get a critical access designation to offset some of the costs with medicare, which would pay 101% reimbursement for the charges of the buildout, which would be a great thing for sumter county.”

All but one of the area hospitals have currently closed, and today's ballot is a way to keep affordable healthcare in the area.

“There are many small hospitals, rural hospitals that have closed because of lack of financing. but, if Sumter County comes together like i know they will do today, we will have control over our own healthcare and our own destiny as far has having affordable and accessible healthcare here in Sumter County.”

If the 1% sales tax increase is passed, it’s just the beginning of what he says, is moving in the right direction.

“We are just asking that everyone understands that we control our own destiny right now with healthcare.”

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