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Two percent tax increase on property taxes due to lack of state funding for schools

The Lauderdale County school district is reminding residents about the two percent tax increase on property taxes.

The tax increase was approved by the school board this summer and is in effect. Superintendent Randy Hodges says the tax increase is due to a lack of state funding.

“The school district, we get funded in two ways: the Mississippi adequate education program from the state and then local taxes. this year, it was not fully funded. it was about $1 million short from the state level. that was the main reason. we decided we needed some local help, so we asked for a 2 percent increase locally.” Hodges said.

By law, the school district has the authority to levy up to a 4-percent property tax rate. In the last nine years, the district has asked for a tax increase three times. This year, the tax increase will generate $270,000 for the district, which will be used for academics, teacher supplies, resources, and support programs.

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