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Solar eclipse glasses

“I’ve got 1000 pair, we’ve been giving them away, it’s been pretty busy this morning. Had a few people out front when we first started and I expect to give them all away,” said LaBiche owner Steven LaBiche. And just after 2 days of the announcement, he had give away free sunglasses to the first 1000 people that came in, so they can watch the solar eclipse.

“We’ve always been strong in the community and wanted to always support. And, giving away these glasses is another portion of what we can to show that yes we are local, and yes we are committed to this community.”

The free pair of viewing glasses came with a safety brochure, to make sure that on Monday, viewers can look up at the solar eclipse, and not damage their eyes.

“A lot of people are understanding that this is a 3 hour event, and that 1 pair of glasses will work fine for a family. And it 2, 3 or 4 or even 6 people are going to be tohether in the same location, 1 pair of glasses is plenty.”

Unfortunately, this afternoon, LaBiche Jewelers, quickly ran out, of free sunglasses.

“We re unfortunately out of the solar eclipse glasses that we had available to give out ot everyone. But there are other sources that you can try, just let your fingers do the walking as they say. "

So, hurry up and source or be prepared to share your solar shades, before Moneys Solar Eclipse.

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