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Property tax deadline

“If you do not pay your taxes today, then you have missed that opportunity. On August the 28th, they will be offered up at the land sale. To the highest bidder,” says tax collector Doris Spidle.

Today was the last day for Lauderdale County residents to pay their property taxes.

“If you are unable to pay your property taxes before the land sale, please redeem them as quickly as possible to save yourself some money so that way you won’t have to worry about it.”

For the Lauderdale County residents that happen to not make it in to the tax collector’s office this afternoon, their property will now be sent to a land sale auction, which will take place August the 28th online.

“Now you do not lose your property. That person that pays your property taxes, buys it at the land sale, must hold that land for 3 years before a tax deed will be issued to that person.”

At that time you can still redeem your property by paying the delinquent taxes, buy it’s gonna cost you quite a bit more.

“ I want to say they say it’s about a 9.5 percent interest rate higher than it was before it went to the land sale. Because there are fee’s that have to be taken out.”

If someone does purchase your property at the online auction, that doesn’t mean you have to move immediately.

“There will be no one knocking on your door, to tell you to get out. They don’t have the right to. You still are the legal owner. You just didn’t pay the property taxes. So you have three years to redeem it.”

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