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Sporting clays tournament to benefit Boy Scouts

Sharp shooters showed off their skills yesterday at Camp Binachi. The Choctaw Area Council of the Boy Scouts held its annual sporting clays fundraiser.

“We have 29 teams shooting today and tomorrow. We just had our dinner and auction last night,” said Scout Executive and CEO Ken Kercheval.

It was all about taking aim and hitting the target, as teams competed for pride, trophies, and belt buckles.

“Sporting clays is also known as shooters golf. You have different presentations throughout the woods that simulate birds of different kinds. You go station to station and it’s a competition to see how many you can shoot,” said Kercheval.

The sports shooting event is one of the council’s largest fundraisers. Last year, it raised over $30,000.

“We use this for our general operating, to be able to run our camp, to run our facilities, to provide service out into our six counties, and just provide scouting to all the boys who join,” said Kercheval.

Dove season is around the corner, and Kercheval explained that the event is good target practice for hunters. He added that it also helps the council recruit more Boy Scouts.

“Boys need an opportunity at an early age to bond to each other, learn leadership skills, build their character, citizenship, learn those things that are important.”

The Choctaw Area Council of the Boys Scouts is currently visiting local schools to recruit Boy Scouts. The council has open enrollment year-round.


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