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Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors choose architect for courthouse project

LPK Architects will come on board the courthouse renovations project. The Lauderdale County Board of Supervisors made the decision during today’s meeting.

“We hope it’s a win-win situation for Lauderdale County. We hope this will make a speedy build and seamless transition from the old to the new,” said District 3 Board Supervisor Josh Todd.

Four other architect firms had submitted bids for the job, but the board chose LPK Architects because it was local. The firm is headed by EMBDC board director Bob Luke.

“He is a county resident. He does pay county taxes. The board believes he will have the best interest of Lauderdale County tax payers in mind,” said Todd.

Last month, the board hired Yates Construction as the construction manager for the project. The board hopes the construction company and LPK Architects will come together and examine all

possible options in renovating the courthouse.

“The current courthouse is 30,000 square feet. We need approximately 130,000 square feet, so we’re about 100,000 square feet short. That means we’re going to have to add on somewhere.

We’re in the Annex now and have vacant floors here. That may be an option. Another option is adding on to the courthouse as it stands now,” said Todd.

He added that the board is still working on a budget for the project.

“We’re going to sit down and think about it. We didn’t get here overnight, so we’re not going to fix it overnight. We have to use due diligence and try to make the best decision for Lauderdale County.”

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