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Solar eclipse in Meridian

People all over the world were gazing up at the sky for Total Eclipse Monday, even right here, in Bonita Lakes.

Pastor David Sellers came out to enjoy the eclipse and says, “Solar Eclipse Day. Basically, we are seeing the moon, with the sun 400X bigger, passing through it. Which is making a dot on the earth. And we just happen to be in Meridian, Mississippi seeing it happen.”

At 1:29, the Solar Eclipse was at 85%, and for a few moments, the day was only 15% lit.

“I’m thankful that I’m alive right now, being able to see it. And it really just shows to me how great God is when you look at what’s happening on earth, and a little dot on it, and we’re right in the middle of it. We are like a grain of sand to the universe of what God has really created.

The people who came together at Bonita Lakes, shared protective eyewear, so everyone could get a glimpse, of the solar eclipse.

“Ive got these, that they say, might be fake. But right now, it’s working for me. And I’ve already been using it a couple days ago, and I can still see you pretty good.”

He goes on to say how amazed he was at how much of the sun you can see.

“Well when I first looked up I didn’t realize that we’d see that much of the moon crossing the sun. So, I’m not going to look very long through them, just long enough to see what’s happening.”

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