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Philadelphia residents voice concerns about crime, police at town hall meeting

Emotions ran high during Monday night’s town hall meeting in Philadelphia. Residents expressed outrage about violence in Ward 3 and complained about the police’s response.

“It was a shooting in my neighborhood. I called the police. When the police showed up, I went to try to help them with what I thought had happened. I was really disrespected by the police. I was hollered at like I was not supposed to be concerned, and I was threatened to be taken to jail,” said Kendra Cole, who lives in Ward 3.

Residents said police were disrespectful were slow in responding to shooting calls. Mayor James A. Young, the police chief, and other city officials listened to the complaints.

“Too many times we waste time on the problems. We need to find some solutions. The coming together tonight was a good start,” said Young.

Residents suggested installing security cameras to decrease crime in Ward 3, as well as providing more opportunities for the youth by revitalizing westside park.

“Sometimes we have areas of the community that require a little more of our resources than other areas. It’s ok sometimes that we direct and purposely direct those resources,” said Neshoba County Board President Obbie Riley.

Alderman Cassie Henson says the town hall meetings will continue in order to find more solutions to reducing crime in Ward 3.

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