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Meridian police recruits go through intense training

Training is in session at the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility. Meridian police recruits are preparing for the tough job ahead.

“The training is rigorous. It is rigorous. This is not come out, sit in class for four or five hours,” said Rochester Anderson, a Meridian police officer leading the training.

Starting at 5:45 a.m., recruits begin performance-based drills.

“The recruits, they learn to always be at an accelerated pace when they do things. Slow to come to a decision, but quick to get to where the problem is, quick to analyze, and then if necessary, quick to execute,” said Anderson.

The police training requires a series of rigorous physical and educational modules that prepare the recruits for the demands of being a police officer, which includes learning all about firearms.

“They’re going to be taught how to execute what they learned in theory - sight, alignment, grip, squeeze, breathe control - those things will be executed live fire,” said Anderson.

Anderson added that the recruits are also taught how to disassemble, and reassemble their weapons.

“If rounds of bullets start flying, we don’t have anyone that’s going to come and assist us if our weapons malfunction. We try to teach each recruit, when they become police officers, to be independent, to be able to problem solve.”

Other training includes learning CPR and how to operate an emergency vehicle. Next month, the recruits will head to the state police academy in pearl.

“When they get back, they’re going to be ready. They’re going to be ready,” said Anderson.

Once the recruits return from the state police academy, they will train for an additional 14 weeks in Meridian. Then they will start patrolling the streets.


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