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Missing Choctaw Woman Found Dead in Noxubee County.

The body of a missing Choctaw woman was found in a ravine in Noxubee County.

Kemper Coundy Sheriff James Moore says, “Noxubee county found a body in Noxubee County, and they alerted the Choctaw PD, which at that time were already working an investigation of a missing person.”

The deceased woman was allegedly beat to death, at a remote location, along a driveway in Kemper County. She was then transported to Noxubee County, and dumped in a ravine, for over a month.

“They talked to witnesses and people saying that she was last seen with these individuals. So, once they tracked these individuals down, that they have as a witness and started questioning him, and he started giving information that lead them to that spot in Noxubee County. Then from Noxubee County to that spot in Kemper County.”

And now the FBI is t involved.

“For the reason being, it was not committed on the reservation. Therefore, Choctaw PD does not have jurisdiction, nor do I.

But with all the evidence, 2 arrests were made.

“There are two people, in custody. The witness, he is being held to find out what part he played. And the females alleged husband, that committed this crime is being held as well. A vehicle that has been impound that was used to take her out of Kemper County and take her to Noxubee County to dispose of the body.”

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