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NAS Meridian Change of Command Ceremony

“The goal is no challenges right out of the gate, and a seamless transition, but we will see what the future has.” said relieving commander John Eveges III at the NAS Meridian had a leadership change ceremony.

But, the leaving commanding officer, Todd D'Antonio says “The last 15 months here as a commander has been absolutely fantastic. Just some absolute professionals that fly here and it’s been an honor for us to kind of teach them, the next generation of naval aviators are getting trained here.”

It took 15 months for commander D’Antonio to train the releaving commander Eveges, to make sure, that he has what it takes to lead the tigers.

D'Antonio says, “We had an opportunity to learn and receive mentorship from someone that’s actually in the position. Like I said in my remarks in the speech, Ross has been a great mentor. He was the right man to lead the squadron while he was here. And, to be honest, I’m just honored to call him a friend.”

And he goes on to say that he’s very excited, about his next set of orders.

“I’m headed to the USS George Washington, which is an aircraft carrier out of Norfolk, VA. I’m going to be the air officer on there. Which is basically in charge of the flight deck, launching and recovery of airplanes.”

But as for Eveges and the training squadrons future, he syas, it looks bright.

“We have challenges in front of us. But, as a family, as a squadron, we’re going to take it one day at a time. And in a year and a half, when this is in the rearview mirror, we will be right back where we’re supposed to be.”

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