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2 Arrested in Child Abuse Case

A Lauderdale County couple has been charged with child abuse.

Chief Deputy Ward Calhoun says, “Late last week, two individuals Charlene Anthony and Kary Brassfield. Where both arrested and charged with one count of child abuse.”

A school administrator noticed bumps and bruised on the child’s body. They then contacted local authorities, which lead to the investigation and the arrest of the two individuals.

“There was enough evidence they believe to bring forth charges. Child protective services was also involved.”

The beating was so severe, that it left welts and visible marks, on the child's body. Fortunately, the child will physically recover.

“There is a 24-hour hotline where a person can call child protective services. And by law they have to follow up and check on that child. However, if a person thinks this is an energy situation, they should contact 911 so that law enforcement can be dispatched, to do a check on the welfare of that person, and then they will follow up from that point.”

The sheriff’s department is currently preparing for the next step, in legal action.

“This case will be presented to the next available grand jury. Both of those individuals are currently out on 10 thousand-dollar bonds. Each one of them. Each are charged with one count.”

From Meridian, Jeremy J. Ford, Fox 30 news.

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