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Hurricane Harvey Donations

Hickory pic n flea market is accepting your donations to help, with hurricane Harvey victims.

Mike Rice of Rebbion Ministries says, “We have been called to go to Texas. We are going to right outside of Houston, Beaumont, Texas. We are going to take a U-Haul full of stuff for the families out there that are in need, that are flooded.”

As donations pour in at Hickory Pic N in Newton co., he says they need both monetary and physical donations.

“We are asking people to bring donations. We’re going to be at the hwy 19 north Walmart, tomorrow, Thursday from 12 to 6pm. What we are also asking for is Teddy Bears, we want stuffed animals so we can take them to the kids. And just give them a hug and show them that Mississippi still loves them.”

Outside of food, toiletries and teddy bears, Danny Todd of Sports Ministries says they also need,

“Prayer, just be with us in prayer. Ask God to be with us as we go on this journey. Because as much about passing on