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Collecting Donations for Harvey Victims

“Today we are out here collecting donations, in hopes to fill up this U-Haul. We want it jam packed full of donations to give down there to the people who were affected with the floods and have been affected by the hurricane," says Danny Todd of Sports Ministries as area residents come together to help send aid to hurricane Harvey victims.

Darlene Fitch a Walmart manager says, “We donated some water. Walmart, and one of our customers gave us some toys and some other stuff. We gave because there are people that are in need.”

While at the Walmart parking lot on hwy 19, donations continued to pour in. Harvey volunteers are committed to staying there until 6pm, and taking donations for the hurricane Harvey disaster relief fund, until U-Haul truck is full of donations. Then on Monday, they will head off to Beaumont, Texas.

“Right now, our goal is to get to Beaumont, Texas on Monday," says Mike Rice of Rebellion Ministires, "with a full U-Haul of donations. That’s not where it’s going to stop though. We are going to continue to take donations, and we are going to continue to take trips, until the need is no more.”

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