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Meet the Kims: The new Majors of Salvation Army of Meridian

“We’ve been married 27 years. We have three children together and they’re all grown,” said Young Soon Kim.

Kim, and her husband, Yong Kwan Kim, are the two new majors heading the Salvation Army of Meridian.

“They’re not living with us anyone, so we can more freely serve the neighborhoods. We have a little more time,” said Young Kim.

The Kims are replacing Major Glenn Riggs, who is now the major of the Salvation Army of Alexandria, Louisiana.

“They actually point us where to go. This is our new location to serve in the salvation army,” said Young Kim.

Originally from South Korea, the two came to the United States 27 years ago--- just six days after their wedding.

“A little after he finished seminary, he decided to come to the Salvation Army, because the Salvation Army ministry and what they do, is what he envisioned to serve in his life,” said Young Kim.

Yong Kim said he always wanted to be preacher and was Baptist minister in Georgia for 10 years, until he become a major in the Salvation Army, his post taking him to Washington D.C., Atlanta, Birmingham, and now Meridian.

“I love preaching to the people about the gospel, and especially in this place, I love homeless people.”

In addition to providing food and housing for the homeless, the Kims also cater to the spiritual

needs of residents by offering counseling services and by hosting church every Sunday at the Salvation Army Church.”

“We have been here 117 years, the Salvation Army of Meridian. But still [residents] don’t know about the Salvation Army church. I invite all the community to come and worship with us, and whatever they need, we’ll try our best to help them,” said Young Kim.

Salvation Army of Meridian Church services start Sunday at 10 a.m. with Sunday school and 11 a.m. with morning worship. The organization also oversees a local food kitchen, a family store, and an emergency/transitional shelter for men.


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