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Vintage Air Street Rod Tour Stops in Meridian.

“The great thing about hot rods and classic cars is getting out and enjoying them,” says VP of Vintage Air Rick Love.

The Vintage air street rod tour made a pit stop in Meridian, to visit the Soule Museum.

“Soule Steam Museum is something we found, what a great stop.”

Along the route of the street rod tour which left from San Antonio, TX, custom carswill making pit stops, at various locations across the country. With their final destination, Pigeon Forge, TN.

“At the Shades of the Past Hotrod Roundup, there will probably be about 2000 classic cars there, Pre, 72. Hot rods, old cars, old trucks and everything, so we do a tour every year in different locations.”

This year, with the disaster of Hurricane Harvey, the tour ended being a little lighter.

“We had 65 cars signed up for this. We had a little bit of panic induced in San Antonio, Texas with some gas shortages over the weekend. So, we had some people pull out. We’ve got, about 35 hearty cars with us and everything and we didn’t have any problems at all.

He goes on to say that the best part about the tour, is making new friends.

“You know, we build friendships through this, and we’re hot rodders, at Vinage Air. So, it’s a way for us to spend some time with our customers, with friends and visit some really neat places .”

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