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Anderson Health & Fitness starts new diabetes-prevention program

Anderson Health and Fitness is striving for a healthier Meridian. It recently launched its diabetes prevention program.

“Our goal is just to get people healthier through diet and exercise,” said Adam Hodges, the general manager.

Sponsored by the Center for Disease Control, the program targets those with pre-diabetes, a condition when your blood sugar is high but not high enough to be diabetic.

“It’s a condition that can be reversed through diet and exercise,” said Hodges.

Last night, Anderson held an open house for those interested in signing up.

“It’s a year-long program. They’re going to get to work with our registered dietician, our training staff, and have access to the center,” said Hodges.

To participate in the program, residents must be pre-diabetic. To see if you qualify, you can fill out a one-page questionnaire.

“The questionnaire asks things like age, weight-to-height ratio, whether you have a family member that’s had diabetes,” said Hodges.

Each week, participants will receive classroom instruction on how to change unhealthy habits.

“There may be a topic on reducing stress, or a topic on sleeping better, or healthy foods to eat,” said Hodges.

They also will have access to small-group training led by a personal trainer. The cost to participate in the program is $31.50 / month if you’re associated with Anderson and $37.50 / month if you’re not.

The program starts in two weeks. To learn more information and how to sign up, visit the center’s Facebook page.


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