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Jimmie Rodgers Birthday Celebration

This Friday marks the birth date of Jimmie Rodgers.

“This Friday is Jimmie Rodgers birthday. And we invite you to come on out to the museum in Highland Park to celebrate the life of Jimmie Rodgers and his legacy in the music industry,” says Kristen Mcallaster a Jimmie Rodgers volunteer.

The Jimmie Rodgers museum will be open from 10am to 4pm. In celebration of his birthday, admission is free. Once inside, they will be offering concessions, tours and, a Jimmie Rodgers musical experience.

“So, it is our long-standing commitment to the community to raise awareness about Jimmy Rodgers legacy in the music industry.”

And they’re doing that with various historical Jimmie Rodgers artifacts, throughout the city.

“One of the ways that we keep JimmieRodgers legacy alive in our community is the Jimmie Rodgers music festival which is every summer. And it’s been a really big turnout the past several years. And we are working on making it better. Also, throughout our town there are various monuments that represent Jimmie Rodgers story, and who he was and tell the history of him.”

And his contributions are important to both Meridian and music.

Jimmie Rodgers is the father of country music. And without his legacy and his accomplishments, music would not be as popular as it is today.

And that is why he is loved and honored throughout the community.

In the end, we just want people to know that Jimmie Rodgers is a staple in our community. And not only in our community but in the music industry as well.”

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