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Breckenridge Farms helps Harvey victims

Breckenridge farms is lending a helping hand, to hurricane Harvey victims.

“Elliot, the son of Charlie Phillips, who owns this vineyard, suggested to his dad that we take a day, and raise money and send it to Houston to Harvey,” says Khalilah Hasan a sales associate.

Pallets and Cases of muscadine juice will be sold this Saturday, for $7.50 a bottle or $80 a case, and a percentage of those Saturday sales, will help victims, of hurricane Harvey.

“They can come and buy, they can donate, and we have different things for them to buy. We have the muscadines, we have the muscadine juice.”

Since Clarke County is a dry county, their drinks are nonalcoholic.

“Breckenridge Farms is a vineyard, we sell grapes. Those grapes if you take them out of here can be turned into whatever you choose to make. Jelly, wine or whatever. But we are a vineyard, and we only sell the grapes and the juice, no wine. So, we welcome everyone to come down and get your muscadine juice, or grapes, this season.”

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