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Pre-professional student day at MCC

This morning, area students gathered at the Tommy Dulaney Center, for Pre-professional student day.

Biology professor Stephanie Brown says, “They are here to learn about different professional careers, that have a strong science background to them. A lot of students are interested in being a doctor, or vet or dentist. But they really don’t understand what it takes to actually get into these schools. And, what the different options are once they get into that school, what they can do in that career.”

Students from area’s high schools and colleges met at the Tommy Dulaney center, to learn more about health sciences with hopes of becoming Americas next medical professionals.

“So, we try to bring the professional schools and students together. This does not happen anywhere else in the state. There is a lot of college fairs where universities can be at the high schools. But to actually get the professional schools together with these high school students and these junior college students. That doesn’t happen anywhere else.

She goes on to say that programs like this, are in need of schools across the state.

“We as science people have a strong dedication to our community. That’s the purpose of MCC. MCC is here to service our community. And this is a way of helping us give back to our community, as well as help the students see a future ahead.”

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