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Meridian Public Schools celebrate the importance of reading

Yesterday reading was celebrated all throughout Meridian Public Elementary Schools.

“The first thing I learned today is that if you read a lot, you can learn more things,” said Keithan Harris, a third grader at West Hills Elementary.

It was National Literacy Day and various members of the community came out to read to the students, to show students just how important it is to know how to read.

“Right now, they’re seeing people dressed nice in suits and ties, giving their time off their jobs to come out, just showing a positive input in the eyes of our children,” said Frederick Liddell, a coach at Meridian High School.

“It shows them that they also at one time had to learn to read. this is nothing that any of us just come into this world knowing,” said Rhonda Scott, a second-grade teacher at West Hills Elementary School.

A host of members from the community participated in the event police officers, business leaders, and even the superintendent.

“My favorite book is the magic tree house. I like Annie and Jack because they go back in time to see the dinosaurs,” said Emerie Foster, a third grader at West Hills Elementary School.

“I shared with the students in my particular third grade class that I remember not initially being a strong reader and not enjoying reading initially. but it was reading that opened doors for me. we want to be able to show that same opportunity to our youth,” said superintendent Dr. Amy Carter.

The Meridian Public School District says the event is one way to help kids fall in love with reading and asks parents to join the effort.

“The more you read to them, the more they’ll want to read, the more they want to read, it builds that fluency for them. it will carry on not just here in elementary school, all the way through college, and on to that job that they know they’re going to get,” said Scott.


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