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Velma Young Center ribbon cutting

“So today we are excited, that we had a ribbon cutting here, in Ward 2,” said city councilman Tyrone Johnson as community leaders and city councilmen came out, for the opening of the new Velma Young Center.

“This center is going to provide programs for the kids, Ged classes and we will be working with MCC and many other partners. The Boys and Girls club, and even the schools located here, Magnolia and Parkview.”

The opening of the new Velma Young Center was a community effort. Community leaders and city councilmen all came together to make sure that this project, came to fruition. And now they are hoping that children have a safe place, to be creative.

“Normally it’s very difficult for some young children to get over there to the west side of town. Over there to the Boys and Girls club. So putting it here makes it more accessible for the kids.”

Johnson understands that building of the new center, was a community effort.

“It’s really a humbling thing to watch everyone work together to get this over here. Due to the fact that I grew up in this ward my whole life, I’m excited to see this over here in this community, " he says as he plans to continue to see progress in the 2nd ward.

“Like I said, I can’t take credit for what is happening. But moving forward, I definitely plan to add on to what we have here. To take advantage to what we have.

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