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Courthouse staff grieve death of Judge Justin Cobb

It’s was a sad day for many at the Lauderdale County Courthouse, as staff mourned the death of Mississippi 10th Circuit Court Judge Justin Cobb.

“With the sad and sudden, shocking news on Saturday, I don’t think anybody could believe it or wanted to believe it, especially on his birthday, but we just decided that God needed him more than we did,” said Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson.

Cobb’s funeral was Tuesday at First Baptist Church in Meridian.

“It was really quite overwhelming, the support he had from the church and all the community. Justin was a first-class young man,” said 10th Circuit Court Judge Lester Williamson.

Gone too soon, Cobb was only 43 years old when he died while jogging Saturday morning. He collapsed from a heart attack.

“Cobb was a breath of fresh air with his youth and enthusiasm. What everybody respected the most was his consistency. He studied the law and he did it by the book. You can’t get any better than that,” said Johnson.

Friends and colleagues said Cobb was funny and kind and said he will truly be missed.

“Justin was a first-class young man. He was great to work with and had a beautiful life. He’s going to be sorely missed by the legal community, church community, just the whole 10th District Circuit Court at large. We’ll recover, but it’s going to be difficult. Justin was fine man,” said Williamson.

Governor Phil Bryant appointed Cobb to the 10th circuit court judge position in June 2015. Cobb ran unopposed in the 2016 general election. Retired judge Larry Roberts will fill Cobb’s seat until Governor Bryant appoints another judge. The 10th circuit court judge position will be up for election next year.


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