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Meridian police arrest shooting suspect

Meridian police arrest a suspect in connection to a shooting that happened last month in the 4600 block of Paulding street. Police say man was shot five times. He was taken to the hospital and had no life-threatening injuries. Police took into custody 19-year-old Jerry Williams who was found in possession of cocaine. Thursday Williams appeared in court.

“Around the 31st of August, we received a call-in reference to a male subject that had been shot. Ever since this incident occurred, we have been searching for the suspects that were involved in this incident. So far, we have charged Jerry Williams. We are also searching for another person that was involved in this incident,” said Sgt. Dareall Thompson.

So far, Williams has been charged with possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. He faces additional charges regarding the shooting. While in court, Williams waived his right to a preliminary hearing.


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