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New guidelines for Meridian Public School sporting events

If your planning to attend any Meridian Public School sporting events, there are some new guidelines you should know about.

“Our concern has always been student safety first. In our school district. It is to reinforce that goal, that we have in the Meridian Public school district," says principal Victor Hubbard.

It’s homecoming week at Meridian High School, and Friday starts the Meridian Public-School sporting events supervision guidelines.

“The new guidelines that are impacting grades K-8, is to ensure that they have a parent, that is bringing them to any activity that is taking place at Meridian High School.”

He says the purpose of the guideline change, is to make sure that children are accounted for.

“We want all of the student’s grade k-8 to be at our activities. But at the same token, we want to make sure that a parent is there, in the event that something happens," and that doesn’t mean you can just drop the child off, and return after the event.

“A parent cannot leave, they must stay here, they must supervise their children. They must be with their child, throughout the duration of the game, and they must supervise them.”

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