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Jimmie Rodgers Museum is Moving

The Jimmie Rodgers Museum will be relocating to downtown Meridian.

“We are really excited; the Jimmie Rodgers Museum is joining all our other attractions here in downtown. It’s going to provide some great synergy. And when people leave the arts and entertainment experience, they can go on and explore Jimmie Rodgers history. And then, potentially go on to Soule and again there will be lots of increased traffic downtown,” says DeDe Mogollon the executive director of Meridian tourism.

Plans are already underway for the Jimmie Rodgers museum, to share space, with the Meridian Railroad Museum. This new partnership is sure, to bring tourism dollars, to downtown Meridian.

“Well tourism is a huge draw for Meridian. And we expect the Arts and Entertainment Center in Meridian to bring in lots of people and with other events and attractions nearby, the new little Mississippi gift shop here on the corner of 22nd, it’ll give visitors the chance to walk around and spend multiple hours and multiple days here rather than just a couple of hours.”

And as downtown continues to grow, she says everyone is excited about the possibilities.

“We are so excited about how far downtown has come in the last 11 years or so since the Riley Center has been here. And with Mississippi State expansion and the addition of things like Frios and the Brickhaus, that’s all happened in the last 10 years. So, we’re just excited about what could happen in the next 10.”

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