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Mississippi Power Donates to United Way

“Every Child deserves to start out school with new school supplies,” says Kathy Parrish the Community Impact Coordinator at the United way, as Mississippi power gave a generous donation to the United Way, of East Mississippi.

“So yesterday we received a very generous check from Mississippi Power, for $6000," she says, and that check goes toward the Stuff the Bus Campaign that happened in Kemper County. Making sure that over 2000 students received a free backpack, full of supplies.

“So, every child in Kemper County was able to receive a fully stuffed backpack for school. So, it gives a child just a step up to know that they can go to school with everything that they need. It helps them in the classroom perform better. It helps them not feel different than their peers if they can’t afford it. So, it’s a great way to help a child get a good boot and start their education off right.

If anyone still wants to give to any of the United Way foundations, she says, “You can give to the United Way at any time of the year. And if Stuff the Bus is a program that particularly where you would like to see your money go, you can ear mark it for that. And they will save it for next year and put it towards next year Stuff the Bus campaign. So, you really have a choice where you want to put your money if you want to give to United Way.”

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