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Rose Hill Cemetery Tour

The old Rose Hill Cemetery will be the site of a historic costume tour.

“It’s just a great way to learn some history of Meridian and Lauderdale County. And we just have so much great history, and you are not just reading about it, you get to hear about it in live. From somebody portraying the different people buried in the cemetery,” says Rose Hill Spokesman Kyle Rutledge.

As you enter the cemetery for your free historical tour, tour guides will stop at headstones and give historical details, about the individuals buried, who helped shape the city.

“ We just added some new parts. We’ve been doing research. About one is the first guy that was executed in Lauderdale County. About a tornado hitting downtown Meridian. So, some interesting parts in there that haven’t been told before.”

He goes on to say that the tour, is for both adults and children, of all ages.

“You know from the young to the old. It’s stuff that happened 200 years ago. So, it’s great to hear about how meridian came to be. From the start to where we are now.”

So, be prepared to walk and learn, as you experience Meridian, from the cemetery.

“Most stops are about 5 mins so about an hour and a half. Some are longer, some are a little shorter. Just make sure you bring a flashlight, because it’s at night. It’s not a haunted tour, but bring a flashlight, and some good walking shoes. Some people bring a portable chair where you can sit down at the different stops. That’s fine also.”

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