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Main Line Bursts in Quitman

Eddie Ivy the Clarke Co. Emergency management director said, “Our dispatch received a call from a citizen who was passing by an oil fill location and noticed what appeared to be a rupture in one of the lines. He called in…”

And what he thought he saw, was oil shooting up into the air.

“I reported that, we got on scene, and were able to identify the operator of the line. I contacted them, and they were here within just a few minutes, and they were able to shut the line down.”

Luckily, the busted pipe was nothing more than a salt water line saying, “Nothing earth shattering, but the fact that the citizen called in , and if it would have been a different product, I may have made a big difference because we were able to shut the problem down quickly. Versus letting it go for a number of hours and affecting a large area of land or possibly even water or the public.”

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