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The EMBDC moves to a new building

The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation is growing and therefore needed a bit more space. The organization has relocated to 22nd Avenue, right next to Weidmann’s. Tuesday was the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We moved in a couple of months ago but of course we wanted to do some painting, upgrading, and modifications to make it fully accessible. We’ve completed that and have opened up and want the community to come in,” said EMDBC Chairman Jeff McCoy.

With two floors and a number of rooms, McCoy said the building is big enough for the EMBDC to do all it hopes to do in terms of creating economic growth.

“As you grow and evolve you need space for meetings, strategic planning meetings, small group meetings, office space for your personnel.”

In addition to being bigger, the building is also located next to the interstate, which makes it more visible not just for visitors, but also for industries.

“The Mississippi Development Authority has the opportunity for us to look at an entity that wants us to move to this area. Then they reach out to the EMDBC to see if we can secure that a new company like that,” said McCoy.

He added that because of the new move, residents can expect to see more great things from the EMBDC.

“As Meridian grows and enhances its downtown area, we want to be a part of that. This building gives us that opportunity.”


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