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Outdoors without Limits banquet

Last night, the east central missississippi deer hunt for hunters with disabilities organization held it’s semi annual fundraiser.

“We’re an organization that dedicated to providing people with disabilities outdoor recreational acrtivities. And we do a big hunt over hear every year and this is kind of like an appreciation and awareness banquet. To try to get more hunters, land owners, more guides and more volunteers involved," says founder Kirk Thomas.

The banquet is one of the Outdoors without limits fundraisers where guns, artwork, pictures, knifes and even antler mounts, will all be auctioned off, in support of the end of the year hunting trip, to help those with disabilities.

“The mission of ours is simply to change the lives by providing disabled individuals the opportunity to get out and enjoy recreational activities. It’s as simple as that. It’s not about money, it’s about changing and saving lives. That’s our mission. That’s where the rubber hits the road.”

Kirk Thomas knows the importance of volunteering and giving back, from his very own personal experience.

“You know growing up and hunting and fishing like I did, I took it for granted. Then all the sudden you’re in a accident. You’re a 212 paraplegic, I never thought I’d hunt and fish again. But if it wasn’t for some of my friends and family stepping up, and allowing me the opportunity to go back, I wouldn’t be probably going back. So, It’s a way that I can give back and say thank you to so many.”

In the end, it’s all about the volunteers, who make it all come together.

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