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Meridian police search for Bonita Lakes Mall shoplifters

Meridian police are looking for persons of interest who may responsible for shoplifting merchandise from Bonita Lakes Mall Wednesday afternoon.

“The manager and the employees at Victoria Secret called security and security called Meridian police department to alert us. They had four black females that just left the store. They gave a tag number.

They were able to find a tag number displayed on the vehicle,” said Meridian Polcie Sgt. Dareall Thompson.

He said police went searching for the vehicle but couldn’t find it.

“We haven’t verified exactly how much was taken but they said between $2,000 - $3,000 worth of


Police believe the incident may be related to another shoplifting incident that happened at the Victoria’s

Secret in Biloxi on Tuesday, September 19th.

“We also received some information from Biloxi. We’re not sure if they’re the same females but they fit the same description of the females that walked into the business here in Meridian,” said Thompson.

Police are asking for the community’s help in identifying the individuals by calling the Meridian Police Department if they have any information.


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