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Tax office switches to new tag registration system

Tax collectors across the state are busy preparing to implement a new vehicle registration system.

“We’re currently running on an A-S 400, which is an old, antiquated system. It’s been in use since the early ‘90s. You know, technology has come a long way since then,” said Lauderdale County Tax Collector Doris Spidle.

The new system is called MARVIN, which stand for “Mississippi Automated Registration Vehicle Information Network.” It’s being put in place to try and cut down on the amount of time spent waiting in line to purchase or renew a car tag.

“We had to use all these transaction codes when an individual came in to renew their tag, or if it was a new purchase, we had to get all that in the system. Now they tell me that all of this is going to be much easier,” said Spidle.

Easier when it comes to purchasing a car or even moving to another state.

“Now we’ll be able to access all the tag information in all the U.S., which is great because we have people moving here from out of town and oftentimes we need to see that information from another state,” she added.

Although no legislation has passed yet, Spidle says the new system may be a way to crack down

on uninsured drivers.

“I’m sure that that’s on its way. There’s just a matter of time before this office will be checking your insurance,” said Spidle.

With the new MARVIN system, drivers will be able to renew their car tags online. However, they will still have to purchase new car tags in person. To ensure a smooth transition to the new computer system, the Lauderdale County Tax Collector’s office will be closing early at 4 p.m. this Friday. Regular business hours will resume Monday.

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