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Councilwomen host uniform drive for middle school students

To make sure middle school students are dressed for success, Councilwomen Kim Houston and Fannie Johnson are holding a uniform drive. They’re asking residents to donate new or slightly used uniforms. After seeing that most uniform drives target elementary school students, the two said they wanted to help the middle schoolers.

“Over at Carver, it came to my attention that a lot of the students come to school and they don’t have the proper uniforms. What we wanted to do was a provide a way that they can have like a closet, so that if any student at any time needs to have on the proper attire, they can go to the school office and get that taken care of,” said Houston.

Houston and Johnson are asking for uniform shirts that range from a youth large and extra-large to an adult small and medium, and uniform pants that range from size 12 to 20. If you wish to donate, you can contact either councilwoman. You can also drop them off in the council of clerk’s office at City Hall.

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