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Kona Ice opens in Meridian

Yesterday afternoon, the EMBDC held a ribbon cutting for Kona Ice in Dumont plaza.

Co-Owner Brandon Jones says, "Just letting the community know that we are here and open for events."

Kona Ice, is unique because when you make a purchase, you are also going to be giving back, to the community.

“The company has been around; the franchise has been around for 10 years. And so far we have given back over 40 million dollars to local communities, all over the us. And just the option and opportunity to bring that to our area was just a big deal to us.”

The companies main purpose of fundraising in the community.

“Just being able to set up and sell. And give a percentage back to the community. To any nonprofit that will invite us out. We’d love to be a part of their event.”

And Kona Ice, is different from all the other shaved ice companies because of it's unique flavoring.

“The main difference is your ability to flavor any way that you would like. We’ve got a flavor wave with 10 flavors on the outside that you can mix and match. So each experience up to the truck can be different every time.”

He goes on to say that being mobile and fundraising, is what helps his company thrive, by keeping people happy.

“Just to be able to show up at any event, and be able to provide an extra item, for whatever event that you have going on . And an extra revenue source for different local nonprofits.”

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