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MSU Psychology Club Hurricane Relief

MSU Meridian psychology students are taking a break from their research, to help provide relief for hurricane victims. They are trying to raise as much money as possible to make sure that those in need, get help.

“Here at Mississippi State, the psychology club is doing a fundraiser to help all the victims from hurricane Harvey, Irma and Marie. And that’s in Puerto Rico, Florida and Texas,” says psychology club head of public relations Sara Thorne.

The group currently has a short-term goal, and are encouraging everyone to help them reach it.

“Our goal is to raise $1100, and right now we have $100 of that raised. So we are still looking for another grand.”

Campus awareness is how they plan, to spread the word to other students.

“A lot of us in the psychology club have been sharing it on our facebook pages and we are going to make up some flyers to put around the campus too.”

Once their goal has been met, they are using a national organization, to distribute the funding.

“All the donations will go through Americares. A non profit organization that helps out with victims, sending them medical supplies, and stuff like that. And then Americare can distribute all the medicine and all the supplies that these victims need in the time of help.”

She encourages you to make a donation, because every dollar counts.

“Every dollar raised will make a difference because Americares donates over 97% of the donations to the victims.”

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