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Meridian Little Theater presents: Shrek the Musical

“We are opening Shrek the Musical at MLT. And we are just so excited. We had a great crowd for our preview night. And the audience just really loved it. And we are hoping that you will come out, and love it too,” says MLT executive director Ellie Massey.

Shrek the Musical, is a story of a big ugly Ogar that lives in a swamp, who is on a mission to get his land back, and while doing so, he also finds love.

“We have a very talented cast. Dancers, singers, actors. And it’s just all mixed so well together because it’s very colorful, if you can imagine, all the fairy tale creatures that you grew up with like Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, the Mad Hatter and just wonderful characters from you stories and childhood all just brought to life on the stage right in front of you. It’s exciting.

She says that if you enjoyed the movie, she says the play will be just as good or even better.