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Bud and Burgers at Singing Brakeman Park

Friday was the Mitchell Distributing event "Bud and Burgers" at singing brakeman park.

Anna Grace Tanner who is the communications director at Mitchell Distributing says, "We’ve got bud and burgers going on tonight, with 19 teams competing and cooking burgers. You can get in, pay $10. you can sample as many burgers as you want and enjoy the loud music and you can watch football on the big screen."

Now in its third year, the event has moved to a new location, at Singing Brakeman. "So, first two years we have been at Dumont, and we’ve just out grown it. Because the city has been so supportive of this event.”

And with a new location, the event can now get more businesses involved and accommodate more people.

“The city has been super supportive of wanting to come here and we are excited just to bring a large group of people out to enjoy some burgers and drink some beer. We will more

than likely do it again next year. It’s been super successful and we are looking forward to growing it and making it a staple in Meridian every year.”

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