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Gospel concert honors Meridian “trailblazers”

The Temple Theater was a packed last night during a gospel concert honoring those who have made a big impact in Meridian.

“We’re just excited about the event. The crowd in there is loving what’s going on. Oh my goodness, it has just been a blessed night. It has been a blessed night,” said Terrence Davis, the event promoter.

The event honored five so called “trailblazers” for their commitment to gospel music and service to the community.

Those honored were Ruby Thomas, Patricia Stennis Campbell, Willie Key Jr., Jeffrey Ward, and Emily Naylor Hearn.

“They were around different eras of music. Once each trailblazer comes up, we play a song that was centered around their genre of music,” said Davis.

The trailblazers also received an award for their dedication to helping others.

“We have an activist that’s a part of these trailblazers, Patricia Stennis Campbell. She was one of the five that desegregated Meridian High School. She was definitely a trailblazer, a very courageous woman, and a very committed woman to God,” said Davis.

He added that events like this inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

“We should one, not only honor them, but in honoring them, we’re giving glory to God. We should always come together and celebrate openly, so that our youth can see it’s ok to stand in what you believe in, and in ministering music, helping others through their day-to-day activities or lives."

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