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MSU students meet pen pals for diversity

Mississippi State University students made their way to tucker elementary this afternoon, to meet their fourth grade pen pals at Tucker Elementary.

Fourth grade teacher Rain Wallin says, "The students started out by writing pen pal letters to one another, and get to know each other that way. the next step is when the msu students come to our school, to tucker elementary, and their here today. we did a little play for them initially, readers theater.”

The students at Mississippi State University take a coarse called exploring diversity as emerging teachers. and this is one of the first times for them to network with children. The purpose is for them to find out all the wonderful diverse ways that we can recognize, accept, appreciate children from every walk of life.

During the meeting, the education students, along with tucker elementary fourth graders, have now come together to stuff backpacks to send to Houston, to help hurricane Harvey victims.

“They really wanted to do something for the students who were hurt during the hurricanes,” says Wallin.

The diversity program hopes to continue to bridge the gap, between the future teachers and the young students,

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