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Anderson Regional Breast Center to offer free mammograms

It is estimated that over 40,000 Americans will die from breast cancer this year… to beat the statistics… Anderson Regional Breast Center is hosting a breast health event.

“We’re going to do an open house where we’ll have everybody to come. We’ll talk about breast self-exams. We’ll have genetic testing for anyone that have questions on the genetic testing,” said April Smith, a breast technologist.

It’s Tuesday, October 24th from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and will be at the breast center. The center says early detection is key; therefore, the center will be performing free mammograms.

“We want to reach out to people who haven’t had their mammograms because they’re scared or financially unable to have their mammograms. We want them to feel free and come see our clinic and walk through. Even if they don’t choose to have a mammogram that day, at least they’ll be familiar with the facility and will have the courage to come back,” Smith.

It’s recommended that people get their first mammograms between the ages of 35 and 40. Some of the misconceptions about getting a mammogram is that it’s painful and that it will prevent a person from getting breast cancer.

“Just because you don’t have a family history doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get diagnosed with breast cancer. Just like mammograms aren’t going to prevent you from getting breast cancer, but it will allow an early detection to help breast cancer be curable,” said Smith.

She added the center invites everyone to come out, including men.

“We have had some patients that are young and men that come to us and have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Although that’s not common, it can happen. If ever a man feels anything, they need to get it evaluated no different than a woman.”


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