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Meridian elementary schools track meet.

This morning, Meridian public-school district elementary school children, had the opportunity to lace up their tennis shoes, for the meridian public-school district annual track meet.

“Today what we have is the Meridian public-school district elementary track meet. And it consists of fourth and fifth graders from all of the elementary schools,” says Thomas Adams.

He remembers the track meet as a kid, and brought it back to promote health and fitness, for today's youth. “We have the relay races, the 100-meter dash. Softball throw, long jump, standing broad jump, just like a regular track meet. And just to build the spirit of competition

among the schools. And the kids enjoy, they get to compete against different schools. And eventually, as they all grow older, they will all be going to the same school. Middle school or high school."

And at the meet, the spirit of competition is alive and thriving, among the area elementary schools.

“It’s scored like a real track meet. From points, first second third fourth place. And, every event counts. So, the more points you score, the better off your position will be.”

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