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College Application Day at Meridian High

It’s college application day at Meridian High.

“This an opportunity for all seniors, from the class of 2018 to start the college admission process. So, we are out here for phase 1 of 3 phases, to let students know that now is the time to apply for college," says Angela Payne phd the Meridian Community College director of admissions.

The seniors at Meridian High took the time out of their busy schedules to come to the Library computer lab, to apply for colleges and universities. The emphasis was to apply early to get help with financial aid and hopefully early acceptance.

“It’s important to apply early so that colleges and universities have a first look at those students, in a priority fashion. The sooner you apply the sooner you can get your notifications of your acceptance. And the sooner you can let colleges and universities know of your intent to attend.”

And the seniors are applying early, for a greater chance, of government funding.

“The application process doesn’t really hurt a student or harm them. Matter of fact it only benefits them. Even for that college student who hasn’t made a decision on the college of their choice or even their college career path. Even if college is not totally in their future, it really is an option that they should conduct the exercise anyway.”

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