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Poll Worker Training

Area poll workers are going through refresher training, to make sure that they are prepared for the upcoming special election.

Election commission Jeff Tate says, “Today we will be conducting election worker training. Going over a few things that may have changed since last year. Nothing major has as far as for the pole workers.”

About 60 poll workers from around Lauderdale County will make their way down to the annex building within the next three days, to make sure that they are well trained, so when you come to vote, everything runs smoothly.

“This is a special election. This is not a typical election that we usually have. This is only for justice court judge and constable district two.”

Which means, you have to check your voter registration card, to make sure, you’re eligible to vote.

“The most confusing thing about that is that does not mirror the supervisor district alliance. So, if you live in supervisor district two, that does not mean that you vote in this district.”

Which he says can lead to a low turnout. "Basically, you absentee is your best precursor to determine what your turnout will be. And that’s been very low so far. Therefore, we are not expecting a high turnout so there is no need to get the machines out. So, we would rather just pass that up. Do it old school, do it with a paper trail. And that’s what we will be doing this time.”

If you are a registered Lauderdale County voter and are looking to work at the polls, “Well it’s open to the public. We try to find people that live within the precinct that they are working. It’s not always possible, but we try to do that. And for the most part, that’s what we have.

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