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Sports Ministries Faith Based Soccer League

Sports ministries is bringing the youth together, to play soccer, in Newton County.

Owner Danny Todd says, “We’ve had several parents, in the community come to us because of who we are in the community, and what we do in sports. And they wanted something in the county of Newton for soccer that we hadn’t had in a couple of years. The last people that had it were serious soccer people. And we kind of used their idea and took it a step further.”

Sports Ministries bringing the youth together in Chunky so the athletes learn about Christian Faith.

“We’re faith based, and what we do is each team is a different hero from the bible, so we have team Noah, team Jacob, team Paul. And we learn about the characters in the bible study that we do after each game each night.

With 12 teams in the league, sports ministries found there to be overwhelming support from the community.

“And that was only because our insurance couldn’t hold anymore. I had to turn away about 30 people that wanted to get in after we had already paid for our insurance for the year. So, we really look for it to be a lot bigger next year. And now we can kind of gauge on what we need for that.”

With the Sports Ministries mission to bring a passion for Christ to the playing field, the soccer league became the perfect avenue.

“If we can give these kids something to do, to look forward to and be a part of a team. And learn discipline and stuff like that that comes along with playing sports, that’s what really means a lot to us and why we do what we do.”

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