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Haunted Ice Cream Factory: Chill Thrill

This weekend people will travel across the Twin States to face terror, in Newton County.

“This year is the first year is the first year that we’ve decided to come to come to Church Street Market here. Home of the old Fords Ice Cream Factory. We are calling it the Chill Thrill.”

The Chill Thrill is the most haunted place to be this weekend in Newton County.

“And we think that it’s different because, it’s more of a maze inside of a building rather than just a room to room situation. It seems to be people like it and are having fun.”

And if you venture to the haunted factory, you can expect to be scared. "We have people that come and go to the holding room. We only allow 3 at a time. We’ve had people come and pay their $8 and say, you can have the $8 and we are gone. Already this year, we have only been open for 2 nights. But we have had them already leave their phones, their keys their shoes and their lunch. They want to be scared and that’s what we are striving to do for them.”

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